Step inside our new farm shop

We have worked hard for six months to renovate the old cowshed, which has now been transformed into our newly opened farm shop and reception, where the special Camp Adventure spirit shows itself in the good craftsmanship, the connection to nature and the Scandinavian aesthetics.

Here you can find hanging plants, wood products made from surplus wood from other projects at Camp Adventure as well as upcycled elements, where we have renovated recycled finds for new design pearls.

Camp Adventure has also entered into new collaborations with other enthusiasts who also focus on sustainability and craftsmanship. Therefore, you can buy handmade ceramics from the artist Kristine Vedel Adeltoft, sustainable and circular skin care from Yrolí and carpets made of recycled cotton.

"We have made an effort to find and make the right products and partnerships, so you can take a little of the spirit of Camp Adventures home with you", says the camp's founder and creator, Jesper Mathiesen.

You can also buy fruit and vegetables from our own fields as well as meat from Camp Adventures' own free-range pigs.

We look forward to seeing you in the new store.