Camp Adventure during the autumn holidays

Right now, one of the most beautiful times of the year is to visit Camp Adventure while the leaves change color and the forest is golden.

Fortunately, it is also autumn holiday for a lot of children and adults this week, and there are lots of exciting things to do in the woods.

The forest tower is open from 10 to 18 every day, the climbing park is also open every day, and the large nature playground invites both young and old to play.

We have also picked up the largest and most beautiful pumpkins from our field, which you can cut (un) cozy faces in. You can either take the pumpkins home or make them part of our pumpkin exhibition in the courtyard.

If you are looking for something even more nerve-wracking, we are open for evening climbing on October 21, where you can climb the treetops in the dark wearing a headlamp.

Whether you have to cut faces in pumpkins, climb or hike in the Forest Tower, there are plans for an unforgettable autumn holiday in the forest 🍂