The spring light flows into our Mongolian yurts


The light flows into the Mongolian herbs ☀️

Spring is felt everywhere in the forest, but also right here in our Mongolian glamping yurts, where light streams in.

The construction of the yurts is very similar to the traditional building style that has been used on the Central Asian steppe for thousands of years, but the decor is very different than it would have been in a traditional yur.

Traditionally, one would have the entrance to the south, as the most sacred place of the yurt would be to the north. Here there would be an altar if the inhabitants were Buddhists or Christians, and this area would also be used as a sitting area for the oldest or most significant clan members.

The western part of the yurt was the men's side, while the women used the eastern side.

In our yurts at Camp Adventure, we have neither altar nor gender-segregated sides.

Instead, we have added a fully functional kitchen, a double bed and several cozy nooks, which invite to talk, relaxation and quiet moments in the middle of nature ????

The forest tower has a 2-year birthday

In 2019, Skovtårnet opened for the very first guests. Since then, more than 700.000 people from 80 different countries have visited the tower.

It has been a wild, demanding and amazing journey since 2014. We are grateful for the support we have received from you and we can therefore not wait to see what the future brings.


Summer, 2014. The idea for the Forest Tower arises from our director Jesper Mathisen, when he sees a tower in a German forest💡
October, 2016. The perfect place in Gisselfeld's forests must be found????
May 3, 2018. The first sod is taken by the then Minister of Trade and Industry Brian Mikkelsen, Faxe Mayor, Ole Vive, and Gisselfelds Klosters director, Jens Risom🛠
December 20, 2018. We were finally able to hold a travel party for Skovtårnet, a milestone after hard work🔧
March 30, 2019. The forest tower is officially opened by the then Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen🥂
March 31, 2019. The tower opens to the public. It was seriously the day the adventure began for us🎂
2019. A new magnet for tourism. 351.895 from 73 countries visited Skovtårnet in 2019. Camp Adventure is suddenly one of the 25 most popular attractions in Denmark🧲
2020. The number of guests reaches new heights with 384.000 visited and we expand with four luxurious glamping tents🌿

2021. Another exciting year at Camp Adventure with new opportunities for our guests and hopefully a new milestone with 1.000.000 guests.⚡️

The forest tower has been nominated for the EU Architecture Prize: "It's an orange in the turban"

Things are not going well these days at Camp Adventure.

It has just been announced that Skovtårnet and EFFEKT Architects have been nominated for the prestigious architectural award, Mies van der Rohe Award.

The forest tower was designed by EFFEKT from Copenhagen.

The nomination pleases Camp Adventures' CEO, Jesper Mathiesen: 

How do you feel about being nominated for the award? 
There's an orange in the turban. We are very proud of Skovtårnet, and we have been since the first opening day, but therefore it is of course great to be recognized with this nomination. It's a bit like being nominated for an Oscar. We'll probably have to applaud appreciatively if someone else runs with the award, but we hope we'll be called on stage ourselves.   

Why do you think Skovtårnet is among the nominees? 
The forest tower can do something that few buildings can. It gives you a suck in the stomach. Both when you see the tower for the first time after walking through the forest, and when you meander up the 12 rings to the top. The forest tower is sensual and can be felt in the body and soul. That feeling, I think, few buildings can give. 

The second is the Forest Tower's symbiosis with nature. The tower offers visitors new perspectives on the forest, while nature creates the framework for both the architecture and the visitors' experience. That interaction, we think, is both beautiful and unique.  

Tue Foged, partner in EFFEKT, is also enthusiastic about the nomination:
"It is an incredible honor to be nominated for the Mies van der Rohe award. We had not dared to dream about that at all, when we together with Camp Adventure had the project on the drawing board. It is absolutely amazing that the tower has achieved this success both among the visitors, international media and now among the independent international experts who are nominating for the award. In addition to being a great gift to the architecture, it is also an appreciation of the entire team, which has achieved the project - and not least the visionary and very brave builder ”.

Gisselfelds Kloster's director and manager, Jens Risom, believes that Skovtårnet's success is due to both the iconic architecture and the beautiful nature:
“The forest tower's nomination is due - in my eyes - to the fact that the architects have precisely hit a construction that is basically simple, but in its expression impressive and in its function fantastic. The tower's design plays with its location in the unique nature, and the raised footbridge through the forest provides an impressive arrival to the Forest Tower ".

For now we have to arm ourselves with patience, for who runs with the prize, we will not find out until 2022.


The book about the Forest Tower

Together with Arkitektens Forlag and EFFEKT Arkitekter, Camp Adventure has published the book The Forest Tower. In the book, we get behind the whole process from idea to inauguration, to how it went after the opening. There is both a foreword from Camp Adventure, an essay written by architecture reviewer and editor Kristoffer Weiss together with Camp Adventure and an interview with EFFEKT Arkitekter. Essays and interviews highlight the ambition to create an aesthetic edifice and a unique nature experience that is at the same time adapted to nature and built as sensitively as possible. The book is also pictorial and contains series of photographs by photographer and architect Rasmus Hjortshøj, who have visited Skovtårnet in spring, summer and autumn.


The book is aimed not only at a professional audience, but at everyone who has an interest in nature experiences, architecture, construction, entrepreneurship and not least the Forest Tower. It is the first book release about Skovtårnet and is an impressive and comprehensive documentation of one of the most talked about and award-winning attractions in Denmark in recent times.


The book costs DKK 225 and can be purchased at Camp Adventures reception.






TIME Magazine World's Greatest Places

Camp Adventure among the 100 best places to visit in the world

TIME Magazine is the largest English-language news magazine and one of the most leading media in the world. In 2019, TIME Magazine is voted the World's Greatest Places, and here Camp Adventure has found a place on the honorable list that includes experiences, attractions, restaurants, bars and hotels from 48 countries, all of which are considered to be worth a special trip.

The list is compiled by TIME Magazine's editors and journalists from around the world and the selection was made on the basis of the quality of the experience, originality, innovation, sustainability and influence. These are the qualities that Camp Adventure has deliberately worked on to create a natural experience beyond the usual, where the starting point and the attraction are the staging of the nature and the environment Camp Adventure is in. The honor from TIME Magazine is confirmation that Camp Adventure is truly a very special place.

About Camp Adventure, TIME Magazine writes: "How does one measure the greatness of a place? (…) The sense that one has stumbled upon the extraordinary ”

See the full list here

It's not just TIME Magazine that caught the eye of Camp Adventures qualities. From national media, the Politics reviewer has given Camp Adventure five hearts. Many foreign media have also written in praise of Camp Adventure, including major influential media such as German Der Spiegel, French Le Figaro and Spanish El Mundo.

Politiken: In a landscape of subtle differences, Camp Adventure and Effect's tower go up in air with a formidable blast! You get drunk in the experience. But also find time for reflection on the long walk to heaven.

Der Spiegel: Herausragendes aus Dänemark - Masterpiece from Denmark - Masterpiece from Denmark

El Mundo: Ahora puedes caminar por esta increíble spiriral sobre un bosque de Dinamarca - Now you can walk in this incredible spiral in a forest in Denmark - Nu kan du gå i denne fantastic spiral i en skov i Danmark

Le Figaro: Une occasion unique de faire une promenade au-dessus des arbres - A unique opportunity to take a walk above the trees - A unique opportunity to take a walk across the tree tops