Northern Europe's largest flower field opens on Saturday

Do you want to experience Northern Europe's largest flower field for free on the opening day? 🌼

On Saturday, July 10, at 10 am, Camp Adventure opens the ten-hectare Flower Field, where you can hike several kilometers in a colorful sea of ​​flowers and pick your own unique bouquet.

The flower field is divided into ten zones with different mixtures of flowers and colors, which surround small pockets on the route, where you can have a picnic in the green. In extension of Blomstermarken, there is a large vegetable field where you harvest your own vegetables.
The flower field will be opened with an official ceremony at 10 am, where all interested parties are welcome. Then you can go for a walk among all the flowers and enjoy a picnic surrounded by flowers completely free between 10 and 12 o'clock.

If you want to pick a bouquet of flowers, it costs 125 kroner to fill a bucket, while it is free to pick flowers between 10 and 12 for annual card holders.

The access to Blomstermarken is located in the corner of our car park, which is closest to Blomstermarken. Due to this event, however, we hope that you will help us keep the first parking stall free of cars for this event.

See you? We hope so 🌸

Summer vacation at Camp Adventure

Summer vacation = ice age🍦

Today, Denmark's primary and lower secondary schools go on summer vacation, and you can almost hear the holiday song streaming out from the classrooms.

Here at Camp Adventure, we are completely ready to welcome all the holiday children with climbing, excursions to the top of Skovtårnet and of course big ice.

The climbing park is open every day from 9 to 18, Skovtårnet is open between 10 and 18, and then you can probably enjoy Denmark's best ice cream from Enø every single day.

Really good holiday for all primary school students (I.e.

The flower field is sprouting

Every single day something new happens in the flower field. The small flower shoots grow rapidly, the grass paths, which have to wind their way through the wildly growing sea of ​​flowers, become clearer, and the insects gradually begin to move in.

One of the things we are most excited about in creating Northern Europe's largest flower field is to follow the development of biodiversity in the flower field.

Now there are only three weeks until we open the flower field.

Do you come and visit it? 🌸

Welcome to Camp Adventures newcomers 

Close to our upcoming flower field you can meet this group of cute free-range pigs, which are a mix of a yorkshire pig and a Danish landrace.

They live right here because there is a natural depression in the landscape, where there is a large mud hole that is almost impossible to dry out.

Here they can frolic to the great joy of both themselves and us as the audience 🐽

The climbing park is open every summer

Even on a normal weekday, you can now challenge yourself and your loved ones in Denmark's largest climbing park.

Here, string 10 makes its way into the treetops at different heights and degrees of difficulty. Our specially designed courses for the youngest allow children up to the age of three to jump in the climbing harnesses. Our most challenging course is the infamous red course at a height of 25 meters. But we warn you: It is not for the faint of heart.

The climbing park is open every day between 10 and 18, you just have to remember to book your ticket online and arrive well in advance. Climbing gloves are required, and they can either be brought or bought from us for 25 kroner.

Who do you want to take with you to the climbing park? 🌳

The forest tower at the Biennale

Right now you will find not only the Forest Tower in Rønnede, but also in Venice as part of the world's largest architectural event, the Biennale.

Here, EFFEKT, who are the architects behind Skovtårnet, made the installation 'Ego to Eco' as an answer to the curator's big question ”How do we live together? And who are we when we are not only human but also nature?".

In addition to a model of the Forest Tower, 1.200 small, planted trees can be found in the work of EFFEKT. When the exhibition is over, the trees will be planted out as part of the Nature City in Denmark to absorb over 1.000 tonnes of CO2 over the next 50 years.

You can read much more about the installation right here.

Virtual spring tour at Camp Adventure

The view of the green beech trees from the top of the tower. The small flowers that peep out in the forest floor. The warm light flowing through the Mongolian herbs.

Take a virtual spring tour of Camp Adventure ????

Camp Adventure opens Northern Europe's largest self-picking flower field

We have kept a big secret here at Camp Adventure, which we are so happy to be able to unveil now.

For the 1st of July, we open Northern Europe's largest pick-your-own flower park, which becomes a 12-hectare colorful flower sea, where you can pick your own unique bouquet.

The flower field becomes an aesthetic and sensual experience with several kilometers of paths that wind through nine zones with different flower varieties in different color palettes. It all gets framed by tall sunflowers and lupins.

We hope that our guests will take the time to throw themselves into the grass and let themselves be embraced by the many sensory impressions of the flower field.

You can see TV2 Øst's feature about the big plans right here.

We are excited, happy and so happy to share this news with you 🌺

A unique kitchen garden at Camp Adventure

We have great news ????

For this summer, we are opening a unique kitchen garden right here in the middle of the forest. It will abound with berries, fruits and crispy vegetables, but it will also be a quiet place where you can retreat and completely relax.

As you can see from the sketches, we have many plans.

In the middle of the garden there should be a small fish pond, which is surrounded by berry bushes and fruit trees. Here you can relax on one of the benches or sit in a quiet corner and enjoy your picnic.

As you can also see in the drawing, there are also two areas for animals. One is with chickens, the other is with rabbits. With these two areas, we want to create a place for the youngest of the family where they can get really close to the animals.

We are already in the process of excavating, and we are really looking forward to sharing this green spot with you 🍋

The spring light flows into our Mongolian yurts


The light flows into the Mongolian herbs ☀️

Spring is felt everywhere in the forest, but also right here in our Mongolian glamping yurts, where light streams in.

The construction of the yurts is very similar to the traditional building style that has been used on the Central Asian steppe for thousands of years, but the decor is very different than it would have been in a traditional yur.

Traditionally, one would have the entrance to the south, as the most sacred place of the yurt would be to the north. Here there would be an altar if the inhabitants were Buddhists or Christians, and this area would also be used as a sitting area for the oldest or most significant clan members.

The western part of the yurt was the men's side, while the women used the eastern side.

In our yurts at Camp Adventure, we have neither altar nor gender-segregated sides.

Instead, we have added a fully functional kitchen, a double bed and several cozy nooks, which invite to talk, relaxation and quiet moments in the middle of nature ????