The beech trees have sprung out

It is a magical time when the delicate leaves unfold on the beech trees and the whole forest is enveloped in the finest spring colors.

Here at Camp Adventure, the forest is electrically light green, and from the top of the Forest Tower you can see the treetops and South Zealand in bird's eye view.

The talented photographer Mads Tolstrup has taken spring photos of the forest both up close and in the big picture.

Remember that Camp Adventure is now open every day from 10am to 18pm for a spring adventure ?

? Mads Tolstrup

The Forest Tower in National Geographic

In the latest issue of National Geographic you can see a picture of the Forest Tower.
Here it is used as an example of how staying in the forest has a positive effect on people's both physical and mental health, and how a place like Skovtårnet can give their guests a new perspective on both the forest and perhaps also life.
You can read the article and see the picture here:
Thank you for visiting National Geographic ?
? COAST Studio - This image is not included in the National Geographic article. Due to rights, click on the link to view the magazine image

Step inside our new farm shop

We have worked hard for six months to renovate the old cowshed, which has now been transformed into our newly opened farm shop and reception, where the special Camp Adventure spirit shows itself in the good craftsmanship, the connection to nature and the Scandinavian aesthetics.

Here you can find hanging plants, wood products made from surplus wood from other projects at Camp Adventure as well as upcycled elements, where we have renovated recycled finds for new design pearls.

Camp Adventure has also entered into new collaborations with other enthusiasts who also focus on sustainability and craftsmanship. Therefore, you can buy handmade ceramics from the artist Kristine Vedel Adeltoft, sustainable and circular skin care from Yrolí and carpets made of recycled cotton.

"We have made an effort to find and make the right products and partnerships, so you can take a little of the spirit of Camp Adventures home with you", says the camp's founder and creator, Jesper Mathiesen.

You can also buy fruit and vegetables from our own fields as well as meat from Camp Adventures' own free-range pigs.

We look forward to seeing you in the new store.

Official inauguration of our new farm shop and reception

This morning, the mayor of Faxe Municipality, Ole Vive, inaugurated our new farm shop and reception, where nature, good craftsmanship and the special Camp Adventure soul form the backbone.

After working for a long time to renovate the old cowshed, it was a great feeling to be able to welcome our annual card holders in the new shop and reception, where you buy items from Camp Adventure to take home in the same aesthetics that you experience in the glamping cabins. and around the camp.

We are not quite ready to open the store for the rest of our guests yet, but we promise to update you as soon as we have a date.

Many thanks to all of you who came to the opening today. We are overwhelmed and grateful for your great support ✨

Easter at Camp Adventure

Are you going on an adventure during the Easter holidays?

At Camp Adventure, a magical nature experience awaits you.

The forest tower is open every day during the Easter holidays from 10 to 18, where you can walk 3,2 kilometers through the forest on our raised footpath and see nature from the top of the tower, which is Zealand's highest point.

The raised footpath and Skovtårnet are completely stepless, so you can share the experience with the whole family, regardless of whether you need a pram, walker or wheelchair with you to the top, just as you can take your dog on a trip.

If you are looking for an adrenaline kick, our Denmark's largest climbing park is also open every day at Easter. Here are instructions for climbing every half hour between 10 and 14, and you can book your tickets right here:

We hope to see you in the woods.

Really happy Easter?

The climbing park opens on Friday

Now Denmark's largest climbing park opens again for the season here at Camp Adventure.
Between the trees in the beautiful beech forest string 10 paths in different heights and degrees of difficulty, which start at our specially designed courses for the little ones, where children up to the age of three can jump in the climbing harnesses. The most difficult course is our infamous red course at a height of 25 meters, which is not for the faint of heart.

It is also at Camp Adventure that you will find the country's longest cable car at 500 meters, where you glide over the treetops like a bird.

The climbing park is open from Thursday to Sunday in April and May and every day during the Easter holidays. There is instruction for the climbing park every half hour between 10-14, and you can book an appointment online right here:

We recommend all our guests to use climbing gloves, which you can either buy from us for 25 kroner or bring your own.

We look forward to seeing you for an adrenaline-filled day in the treetops ?

Berry plantation on the way

This year, our flower field is not only accompanied by a grove of fruit trees, but also a berry plantation where you pick and enjoy sun-ripened late summer berries.

We plant:
· 400 blueberry plants
· 350 blackcurrant, gooseberry and currant bushes
· 200 blackberry bushes
· 200 raspberry bushes

We are incomprehensibly looking forward to going on a rampage in the berry plantation while the sun warms.

The forest tower at sunset

One of the best things about staying in our glamping cabins is that you can experience the sunrise or sunset from the top of the Forest Tower.


Here the forest dresses in the most beautiful orange, pink and yellow colors, while you stand alone at the top of the tower and watch the forest transform.

You can watch the video of the sunset from Skovtårnet right here.

? Mads Tolstrup

We are looking for five new climbing instructors

Is it you or someone you know? Because we are looking for new instructors for Denmark's largest climbing park. You do not need to have experience as an instructor in advance, we will probably teach you that.
You can read much more about the position right here:
We hope to hear from you.

Video: Take to Zealand's highest point

From the 3,2 kilometer long hike through the forest to the magnificent view from the top of the tower 140 meters above sea level.

This little video gives a lightning-fast impression of what a trip to Camp Adventure might look like here in early March.

Now snowdrops and erantisser are blooming too, and it's a great beautiful time to visit Camp Adventure.The video is from our Instagram and therefore it is in English.

You can watch the video here (in Danish).

? Rasmus Hjortshøj, EFFECT